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Emergency Assistance

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FAMILY ASSISTANCE (703) 221-3186

Frances B. Harris, Emergency Assistance Director

We are here to help people in emergency situations including help with financial needs as well as clothing and food.

Our Adopt-A-Room Project is really coming along well.  The Soroptimist's have done a beautiful job decorating one of the bedrooms.  They have had gorgeous carpet laid, painted the walls, and added a terrific lamp and a beautiful wardrobe to brighten up the room.  The room looks wonderful and they haven't even finished yet.

The Word of Faith Holy Tabernacle Church, has begun decorating one of our larger bedrooms.  Thus far they have painted the ceiling and closet, and purchases new bedding, pictures, plants, flowers and vase.  They have chosen a colorful blue, yellow and white combination to brighten up the room.  The room is coming together nicely and they too haven't yet finished.

Cokesbury United Methodist Church will be painting and laying carpet in the room they have adopted.  What a wonderful, fresh look this will have.

Some of the services that we provide are:

  • Provides assistance to people in the community with emergency needs
  • Provides food, clothing and financial aid to avoid evictions and utility cut-off
  • Fuel Assistance program during the winter months
  • Supplies for the Food Pantry

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