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Volunteer Application

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Please complete the following Application if you would like to be an ACTS Volunteer.  After it is completed, you may either Submit the Application from here or print it and mail it directly to the address below.

Thank you for taking the time to help your neighbors!


Home Address:    
City, State, Zip:     
Email Address:             

            Contact Phone:         
            Alt Contact Phone:    

How did you hear about the ACTS Volunteer Program?

If you are Volunteering to fulfill a Community Service Requirement, please provide the following information:    Yes    No
        Number of Hours Required:   
        Required Completion Date:   

    Name:            Relation:
    Phone No:          Alt No:    


        Highest Level Attained:   
        Field of Study:                   
        Current Occupation or Volunteer Position:

SKILLS & INTERESTS (check all that are appropriate)
Computers    Typing      Telephone Skills Fund Raising
Languages    Teaching   Public Speaking Photography
Calligraphy    Writing     Home Repair      Landscaping
Baby Sitting  Painting    Auto Repair       Lawn Maintenance

Languages and Special Skills not listed above:

For which ACTS Program would you like to Volunteer?
TURNING POINTS            Help Line         Help Line TEEN
Emergency Assistance    Day Care I        Day Care II
Transitional Living            Shelter             Thrift Store

Which Volunteer Opportunities Interest you?
INDOOR ACTIVITIES which include:
        Work in our office performing general administrative duties
        Serve on a Committee to organize Fund Raising special events
        Enroll in training to provide assistance directly to clients:
            (Requires a follow-on time commitment of at least 6 months)
                    Emergency Assistance Caseworker
                    Turning Points Advocate / Group Leader
                    Help Line Phone Listener
        Teach a life skills class
        Baby sit for clients attending life skills classes
        Receive & Stock Merchandise in the ACTS Thrift Store
                    Dumfries Location
                    Woodbridge Location
        Work in the Emergency Food Pantry
        Help organize food drives
        "Adopt" a room in one of the shelters
        Translate for non-English speaking clients
                    Which Language?
        Assist with Grant writing and Research
 OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES which include:
        Pick up donated food and other items from local businesses
            (Requires a pick-up truck, van or large vehicle)
        Assist with Thrift Store pick-ups
        Maintain play areas and shelter grounds
        Plant flowers and shrubs in shelter yards
        Assist with outdoor special events and Fundraisers

AVAILABILITY - please list the days & hours you would like to work












    I would prefer:    Regular Schedule
                                Flexible Schedule
                                On Call As Needed

OPTIONAL: Do you or a family member have contact with a private foundation that might be helpful to ACTS? And would you be willing to share this information with a staffer at ACTS?Yes    No

Is there anything else that you would like us to know about you?

I agree to treat all information revealed to me as confidential.  I will do my best to live up to my volunteer commitment and I will notify my supervisor in advance if I must miss my assignment for any reason.  You will be required to sign a copy of this application once you come into to Volunteer.

Full Name or Signature if mailing:

You may either submit this application via the Internet or you can print it and mail it to the address below:
                                            ACTS Volunteer Coordinator
                                            PO Box 74
                                            Dumfries, VA  22026

Thank you for your time.  You will be hearing from someone shortly.





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