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Volunteer Opportunities

ACTS Facts Fund Raising Volunteer Services Programs

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All on-going Volunteers MUST be at least 15 years of age.  For Volunteer services geared toward Teenagers, please see below.

  • Child Care - Childcare aide to supervise, play with and read to children, call Michelle Farley at (703) 670-8808. 

  • Emergency Assistance - Help is needed in the Food Pantry to assist in shelving food and preparing food bags for clients.  All Kathleen Conard at (703) 221-3186.

  • Emergency Assistance - Applicants are being screened for the next caseworker training sessions.  Caseworkers work during the weekdays.  Please call Aletha Martin at (703) 221-3186.

  • Help Line - Spanish speakers and teenagers are especially needed to answer the telephone lines.  New volunteer training begins in May.  For more information, please call (703) 368-4141.

  • Transitional Living - The Nurturing Parent Program is ACTS most critical current need.  This program needs adult help on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Adults are also needed for childcare Monday evenings.  Please call Marjorie Kennedy-Pantaleo at (703) 221-5983.

  • Turning Points (Domestic Violence Program) - for additional information, please contact Peggy Sullivan (703) 221-4460

    • Volunteer training in May/June.
    • Volunteers needed for Spanish and English groups for women, men and children.
    • Volunteers with daytime hours are needed for the court advocacy program as well as the safe house.
    • Safe House Adopt-A-Room is available.
    • Support volunteers needed for daytime office work.
  • Special Needs/Projects - for additional information, please contact Thelma Clatterbuck at (703) 441-8600
    • Walk-A-Thon Project leader Needed
    • Processing Newsletters for bulk-mail out in August


  • ACTS Thrift Store - Duties include assisting customers, stocking shelves and helping process donations at the two Thrift Stores.  For more information, please call (703) 441-8606

  • Food Pantry through Emergency Assistance - Volunteer opportunity consists of Food Pantry Assistant, sort food donations, stock shelves and prepare bags with groceries.  For more information, please contact Kathleen Conard (703) 221-3186.

  • Teleteen Hot Line - Be a Teleteen Hot Line Listener!  Volunteer MUST be 15 years old or older  For more information, please call (703) 441-8606.

  • Transitional Housing, be a Baby Sitter - Baby sit for the children enrolled in the ACTS Transitional Housing and Turning Points Programs while their mothers attend the required meetings.  For more information, please contact (703)441-8606.

  • All over Eastern Prince William County - Special group projects not are not tied to a specific Program necessarily.  Assistance is needed by helping with the Newsletter mailing, landscaping, painting rooms and houses, shelter cleanups and special Fund Raisers and Food Drives.  These volunteer needs occur throughout the year and you can help just once or on-call or all the time.  Please contact John Walker at (703) 441-8606 ext. 19.



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