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Turning Points

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Domestic Violence 24-Hour Crisis Line
(703) 221-4951

Kay Mathews, Turning Points Director

We are here to help people END Domestic Violence.

This is Prince William County's ONLY Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention Program.  Turning Points is a program of A.C.T.S. (Action in Community Through Service), a private, nonprofit, human service agency serving the Greater Prince William area, including Manassas and Manassas Park. 

Compassionate advocates and volunteers are crucial to healing the families Turning Points serves everyday, but sometimes where we do that work is just as important.  Environments can minister to people too.  Nowhere is that more true than at Sechrist House, our battered women's shelter.  We can tell the women and children who come to us that we understand what a huge step they have taken to end the violence in their lives, and we can tell them we respect them for the courage it took to leave.  We can also tell them that domestic violence happens at every socio-economic level, and taking refuge in a domestic violence shelter is not something to be ashamed of.  But words will never have the same impact as a clean, warm, well lit and comfortable furnished shelter.

Over the years, many generous civic organizations, churches and community groups have spent untold hours and funds to help us keep our commitment to provide a shelter that conveys respect and value for those who live there.  The love and attention that has been lavished in the past is needed once again as time and use depreciate what loving hands have created.  If your group or organization would like to know how they could help, the Turning Points staff welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and visit about domestic violence and how the adopt-a-room effort help families heal.

The Teen Dating Violence Intervention Program

Offers a safe shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children, court advocacy services and counseling for the abused and abusers.  The program is presented to the students at the school's request.  The course focuses on the various types of abuse including physical, emotional, sexual and psychological.  It also identifies warning signs of abusive relationships, discusses healthy relationships and provides a resource directory for those who need help or intervention.  For more information or to request this program for your school, please contact Joann Barron at (703) 441-8606, ext. 13 or

Turning Points' goal is to alleviate and eliminate Domestic Violence.  The eight areas of service support that we focus on are:

  • 24 Hour a Day CRISIS LINE - The crisis line is answered 24 hours a day.  At this number, individuals can talk with an advocate (confidentially as well as anonymously, if they wish) who will listen, be supportive, provide information regarding resources and discuss safety issues.  Phoning this number is the first step in coming to the Safe House.  It is, as well, a source of information about all of the other Turning Points programs.

  • SAFE HOUSE - The Safe House is a shelter for women (and their children) who have just been battered or who know, because of a history and pattern of abuse, that battering is imminent.  The Safe House is in a confidential location; it is a place to hide.  Women staying in the Safe House may participate in a parenting program as well as attend a support group.  Their children are involved in a program with the Children's Program Coordinator.

  • Court Advocacy Office - Individual counseling concerning court procedure, resources, and safety is available for individuals (men and women) applying for a protective order to stop the abuse and, if requested, curtail contact with the perpetrator.  An advocate will accompany the client to court.

  • Women's Program - The program is available for women who are caught in the cycle of domestic violence.  Some clients are court-ordered.  Education and support groups focus on building self-esteem, learning better anger management and communication skills, and using available resources.  Individuals wanting to access this program should call to schedule an initial interview with the Women's Program Coordinator.

  • Children's Program - The Children's Program provides activity-centered support groups for children between the ages of 4 and 17.  The focus is on stopping the cycle of violence by teaching problem solving skills and anger management, exploring feelings, and building self-esteem.  Groups are available to children who have one or both parents enrolled in the Men's or Women's programs.  To enroll a child, the parent/client should call to schedule an initial interview with the Children's Program Coordinator.  As a prevention strategy, the Children's Program Coordinator also presents a Teen Dating Violence Intervention Program in area high schools.

  • Hispanic Women's Program - This program is designed to meet the needs of Hispanic women caught in the cycle of abuse.  Similar to the Women's Program, the Hispanic Women's Program Education Support Group focuses on safety planning, building self-esteem, and communication skills.  However, to reach the non-English speaking population, the groups are facilitated in Spanish using materials that are written in Spanish.

  • Building Community Awareness/Education - Turning Points can provide speakers for groups and services providers on various aspects of domestic violence.  Speakers/trainers are available 7 days a week, including lunchtimes and evenings.

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