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Volunteers are very special people who offer their time and talents to be of service to others.  ACTS offers many varied volunteer positions to individuals and groups for each of our programs.  Your interests and experience may determine the area in which you wish to serve.  Training is provided to all new volunteers. 

For more information on these opportunities for people of all ages who wish to get involved, please call us at (703) 441-8606 ext. 19 or submit a Volunteer Application to us by email or mail it to us and we would be more than help to accept your help.

See some special articles below about or current and past volunteers.

In Memory of Mary Moyers
John Turnquist, Executive Director
Ervina Miller, President of the ACTS Board

On March 29, 2001, ACTS employee Mary Moyers passed away after a brief illness.  In her eleven years with ACTS Emergency Assistance and eight years with Holy Family Catholic Church, Mary helped thousands of families in crisis.  She provided emergency food, heating assistance, help with rent and utilities, and referrals to community resources.  Beyond that, Mary's warm smile and listening ear helped nurture hope in the midst of seemingly hopeless situations.  Mary will be very much missed by those whom she served, as well as by all of us who are associated with ACTS.  We extend our condolences to her family.  In memory to Mary's Inspirational Service, we will be dedicating the ACTS Emergency Food Pantry in her honor.

Anton Stecher, An ACTS Thrift Store Volunteer Wins the Prestigious HOWARD HORNER Volunteer of the Year Award, and the United Way Neighbor to Neighbor Award
Joann Barron, ACTS Deputy Director

Mr. Anton Stecher, a ninety-one year old volunteer for ACTS has won the Howard Horner Award for volunteer excellence at he ACTS Annual Meeting and the United Way "Neighbor to Neighbor Award."  Mr. Stecher has, for the past six years, contributed an average of 24 hours a week to all phases of the operation of the ACTS Thrift Store in Dumfries.  Anton is one of the longest - continuous - service volunteer with ACTS and has amassed, by far, the largest number of volunteer hours, now in excess of 6,000.

The success of any Thrift Store that supports a non-profit agency is measured in two ways: (1) the number of dollars that it contributes to the client service program of the parent agency; and (2) the volume and quality of items that it provides directly to its client population at low or no cost.  ACTS has consistently set the mark of excellence in this community by providing as much as $140,000 per year for client services, proving for-sale items to clients at values under ten cents on the dollar and annually providing inventory valued at well over $25,000 at no-cost to clients referred by the parent agency.

Mr. Stecher greets the public as members of the community bring in donations, provides them thanks and answers questions regarding tax-deductibility of contributions.  He sorts donations as to serviceability, pricing items and moves them to the display floor.  Three days a week, he is involved with opening the store, ensuring the proper display of items for sale and maintaining the stock of no-cost items.  His work ethic matches the highest standards; he simply sets his sights on outperforming everyone and then goes to work!  Thank you Anton.

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